The Story Behind Rhonda's and Kevin's Day


First There Was Innocence...

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture That bundle of joy at the right is none other than our bride-to-be Rhonda at the mature old age of 2 months. Notice the smile and the twinkle in her eye. Could any guy from Providence, R.I. ever resist? Certainly not and that is the beginning of our tale.

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture  Our next cameo was Rhonda teaching her Dad how to feed her.  Notice her left hand grabbing Dad's right hand (see arrow insert) to teach Dad how to make it mmmmm Good! This was our first evidence that Rhonda was a leader and would always take charge of every situation!

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture 


  At 2 years old Rhonda made a valiant effort to dress herself.  We weren't sure if she was trying to be a gypsy or the latest disco queen.  Of key note is the hands on the hips - a Rhonda trait to emphasize that "girls just wanna have fun"...


Followed by the School Years...

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture Rhonda loved school as you can see by this class picture taken at Eli Whitney Elementary School in Stratford, Connecticut in 1981.  All the children are smiling in this Grade 3 picture, except...  Can you find "Our Little Darling" in the Group?

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture And we all remember our Graduation from High School, don't we?  Rhonda graduated from the Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Lauralton Hall.  Lauralton would never be the same "without" Rhonda whose bubbly personality and "modified" uniform kept all the nuns wondering what was the latest fashion of the day -- but never fear Rhonda was always to be found -- at least she knew where she was... 

Rhonda Erb's Baby Picture   Here is Rhonda with Jenn, Father Innocent and Bishop (now Cardinal) Egan at the St. Anthony of Padua Confirmation.  Our "Little Angel" provided many a good soul with a wonderful scripture followed by a blood pressure reading as the lector and parish nurse.

 And Lots of Smiles...


Rhonda Smiles Rhonda's signature is her smile -- if you ever need to be cheered up -- just find Rhonda and you will find the joy of life.  A "caregiver" by profession whose nurturing love heals not only the body but gives joy to the spirit... 

Rhonda and Baby Corey



   How much could a pair love each other?!  Another smile getter for Rhonda is her companion "Baby Corey" -- her puppy Shih Tzu.  Is that a mop or a puppy -- how can Corey see?  Who's got the Toni?

What happened to the one that got away?  Here is Rhonda catching her first fish in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia.  Even though the monster fish, known as a Croaker because it makes a noise like a frog, is overpowering her, Rhonda is still smiling under the strain of the difficult catch.  Congratulations, Rhonda!

Rhonda's First Catch - a Croaker 


Rhonda and Family...

Rhonda and Pete Baby Picture Rhonda and Pete, the Irish Twins, were inseparable once Rhonda discovered she had a real live baby doll to take care of.  Her "Pitol" (she couldn't pronounce the "s" in Pistol for Pistol Pete) was always her baby and oh the stories that can be told of their exploits together!  This picture was taken in Korea on Easter Sunday in 1976 -- Rhonda is 2 and Pete is 1 -- Rhonda has convinced "Pitol" that if he is good they will get an ice cream!

Rhonda, Joseph and Dad in Hawaii  One of our most exciting vacations in Hawaii.  Rhonda with Joseph and Dad after they had gone snorkeling in the Bay below.  The three posed with a local parrot as a momento of the occasion.  That parrot looks awfully trusting -- especially with Joseph who is missing his 2 front teeth...

Rhonda's Parents in Vienna Austria 


  Rhonda's Mom and Dad in Vienna, Austria at the Opera House to watch Tosca. 

Rhonda & Parents - 8 years old   Rhonda with Mom and Dad at Paula and Jay Hogg's Wedding in Virginia.  Paula and Jay are Rhonda's cousins.  Joseph, not featured in this picture, was 4 years old and was the ring bearer. Unfortunately for Paula and Jay, Joseph thought he was marrying the bride and there was some difficulty in convincing him to give the ring to the bridegroom.  Joseph was not asked to be a ring bearer again!

Rhonda's Great GrandFather  Rhonda's Great Grandfather at Rhonda's Mom's and Dad's Wedding Reception in 1972. Great Grandpa was a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He had 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls, one of which was Rhonda's Grandfather!

Rhonda's Family on her Mother's side   Rhonda's Family on her Mother's side.  It's a big family and not everyone is even present.  Mom and Dad are sitting to the right of Rhonda's Great Grandfather, who was in the picture above. From left to right in the first row there is Rhonda's Grandfather, Aunt Phyllis, Great Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Rhonda's Grandmother and Aunt Joan.

Rhonda's Aunt Florence 


  Rhonda's Aunt Florence. A sweet and dear Aunt who has always been a wonderful help and support to Rhonda, Rhonda's parents and family. Aunt Flo is a great cook and Poka dancer. 

Rhonda Erb's Family

   Here is more of Rhonda's Family -- from left to right -- Joseph, Kevin Michael, Grandma and Grandpa Kochiss, Bea, Pete and sweet Sister, Granddaughter and Aunt Rhonda...

Our Rhonda...

Rhonda Birthday Cake


                We Love You!!!          

And Now our Story Turns to the Bridegroom-to-Be...


First There Was Innocence...

Kevin Daignault's Baby Picture That gorgeous little guy is none other than our Bridegroom-to-Be, Kevin Daignault, at the mature old age of 5 months. Notice the photogenic poise with which he holds his head up high!  He knows that there is an angel out there who can't resist a guy from Providence, R.I.?   With cheeks like that don't you just want to kiss 'em!!!!

Kevin Daignault 1 3/4 years   A year later and we have golden locks of hair and a big smile.  Look at those high tops sparkle.  You can see Kevin's serious sensitive side in those big beautiful eyes!  It's clear by the way Kevin is holding that white rabbit that he has a future with animals!

Kevin Daignault 3 1/2 years 


  At 3 1/2 years old Kevin demonstrated his equestrian skills.  Look at the calm with which he rides that horse.  He's the boss -- do we see a future rodeo star?...


Followed by the School Years...

Kevin Daignault 8 1/2 Years - Cub Scout   At 8 and 1/2 years old we see our man in uniform -- a Cub Scout uniform that is -- Kevin has earned his Bobcat, Webelows and Bear badges and with that smile is without question a scout who "will do my best to do my duty to God and Country..."

     That neat uniform and big smile are convincing that Kevin is a man who will always "be prepared" -- but for what you might ask?  One thing we know for sure, he is preparing for a Big Future with the right gal... 

      And we all know those Erb women always fall for men in uniform!

Kevin Daignault 9 Years - Ice Hockey  

Kevin loves hockey and his favorite team is none other than the Montreal Canadiens.  Here we see our suitor at 9 years old all decked out in his hockey gear.  We know Kevin was dedicated to getting as much "ice time" as possible and if it was a choice between studying after school or hitting the local pond or ice rink -- what choice do you think won out?


Kevin Daignault 13 Years - Big Smile   

At 13 years old in 1984 we see a big smile on Kevin -- must have just finished reading George Orwell's Book 1984.

Kevin Daignault 13 3/4 Years  

     It's amazing what time will do -- this picture is only 8 months later than the one above and you can see the maturity of adolescence taking place.  Another great smile -- clearly Kevin must have been a very happy boy!!!

    Here we have Kevin at the start of High School at 14 years old (left) and his graduation picture 3 years later (right) -- what a handsome young man!

     Ladies check out that gorgeous head of hair -- unfortunately it is committed to a young lady from Fairfield, Connecticut -- Wayne Gretzky would be proud!

Kevin Daignault High School Years   

   And - oh yes - the college years!  Kevin clearly exhibited those life filled qualities of any college student.  Do we see a "Party Hardy kind of guy"?  Are we a bit "out-of-sorts" in that bottom picture -- wouldn't be from strumin' that old guitar would it?  Certainly the Hawaiian Lei and those shades in that top picture signify something?  We understand that the top graduates wanted to separate them from the rest of the class -- that certainly did it -- ingenious impromptu action... 

Kevin's College Collage  

Kevin and Family...

Debbie Daignault and her husband Chris Kevin's sister, Debbie is here with her husband Chris. What a beautiful couple.

     This picture was taken of Debbie and Chris on May 6th, 1995.

Eugene Daignault and his wife Leona  Kevin's brother, Eugene is here with his wife Leona.  Another beautiful couple.

     This picture was taken of Leona and Eugene when they renewed their wedding vows on January 23rd, 1999.

Kevin's family portrait 


  Kevin with his family.  This family portrait of the Daignault family from left to right is Kevin's father, Eugene, Kevin seated next to his sister, Debbie.  Standing behind Kevin is his brother, Eugene and to the right is Kevin's mother, Sylvia.

Kevin with his Grandfather   

  Kevin is pictured here with his Grandfather in January 1986.  The occasion is in celebration of his Grandfather's Birthday.

We can't forget Kevin's cats!  Here they are calmly resting.

Kevin's Cats  

And last but not least - Kevin's Honda Shadow - His love for Rhonda is so great he sold his "Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe" just for her!  Now guys tell me if that isn't "true love."

Kevin's Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe

Our Kevin...


                We Love You -- Both!!!          


The Best Man


          Maid of Honor          


The Best Man and Family  

The time honored Best Man is none other than Dave Mandarini.  He is pictured here with his beautiful family, Rose, Nichole and Giovanna.  Dave is a remarkable veterinarian by trade that taught Kevin the wonderful love and compassion for the care of animals.  Dave also is the father of this wonderful family who are proud of him and proud to be a part of Kevin and Rhonda's wedding.  We are very grateful and happy that they would take the time to share our day!

Dave, Nichole and Giovana  Our Best Man, Dave, with his two beautiful daughter's, Nichole and Giovanna.  You can certainly see by the love in Dave's eyes how much he is a wonderful father and the inspiration to be the person Kevin selected as his Best Man !


The Maid of Honor is Becky.  Becky and Rhonda have worked together as nurses for years and their close working relationship has been the foundation for her selection as Rhonda's Maid of Honor.  Becky hails from Milford Connecticut where she lives with her husband Brian.

Thank-you Dave and Becky for your love and support.  We know you will not only be the greatest Best Man and Maid of Honor but will be there for Kevin & Rhonda for many years to come!!!!

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


Julie the Flower Girl Every wedding has a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.  We are honored to have Kevin's niece, Julie, as the time honored Flower Girl.  Julie comes well prepared for this auspicious responsibility.  She is an actress who turns heads with that beautiful smile and photogenic quality. 

Brian the Ring Bearer  Our ring bearer is Kevin's nephew, Brian.  Brian is a baseball player who has the strength and endurance to guard and protect the most important symbol of the day -- the wedding rings.  Brian we can see you will perform your duties with the utmost care and diligence!

Congratulations to both of you.  We know you will perform you duties responsibly and with dignity to signify this momentous event!!!!




Marci & Rhonda

Our wonderful Marci is the "matchmaker" for our couple.  Yes, without Marci, the Bride and Bridegroom would be still out there looking for "their true love."   We love you Marci and are so grateful you came into our lives!

Bridget Foley  

Bridget Foley

CC Jones  

CC Jones

Ali Jones  

Ali Jones & Rhonda

We love you, Marci, Bridget, CC and Ali.  You all make beautiful Bridesmaids and we are grateful for your participation in Rhonda & Kevin's wedding!!!!



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