Book 3


Chapter 9

Rodney K. Erb

The crisis with the monster Ramos averted,
DanCavJon was most disconcerted...
He turned to his new found friend in this unusual land,
And said "Thank-you, you saved us by your helping hand"...

Marbrad's reply was simple and to the point,
"Dear Sir, we better quickly leave this joint"...
"Come with me to my home in the Land of Chester-Nut-Lea,"
"To get there we first must sail the high sea"...

The two gentlemen headed to the ocean,
To travel to Marbrad's home with great emotion...
They boarded the boat and headed out on the water now quite peaceful,
Not knowing that a great storm was approaching so deceitful...

Out to sea they sailed with Marbrad, a great sea Captain,
Then the skies did darken, such a commotion began to happen...
The sun disappeared and huge clouds filled the air,
DanCavJon became so fearful he said a prayer...

"Oh, I have never witnessed such stormy weather,"
"I feel like we are no more than a helpless feather"...
"Is there some way to withstand this awful power?"
"My stomach and insides are beginning to sour!"...

Marbrad said calmly to DanCavJon,
"Dear Sir, rest assured we shall see a new dawn"...
"This storm that is gripping us for the moment so immense,"
"Is simply the great twirling wind storm we call Hortense..."

"It will be gone in just a few minutes," Marbrad stressed,
"The peace that it brings will be like none you have ever witnessed..."
DanCavJon appreciated those words so reassuring at that moment,
He feared that Hortense's anger would foment..."

But just as Marbrad said would shortly come to pass,
Hortense's fury stopped and the peace was beautiful a lass...
So the 2 companions sailed on for many more hours to a new place,
Then the day turned to night and above they saw a gorgeous space...

Both fell asleep on this journey so rare,
There minds in their dreams had no care...
Then they awoke to a new dawn, for DanCavJon like no other,
Sights and sounds only a new explorer would discover...

Finally, Marbrad said, "There to the east is land ho!"
DanCavJon's excitement through his veins began to flow...
"There it is, my home and my castle,"
"We shall be there shortly with no further hassle..."

This is and shall never be the untimely end,
But simply the beginning of another stage of the continuous legend...

9/05/1996 - 9/13/1996 (BOOK3.DOC)

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