Book 2



Rodney K. Erb

Table of Contents

Book 2

Chapter 1 Peace in the Kingdom (or The Beggar Becomes A Wizard)

Chapter 2 The Trip to Westwick, A Brief History of the Miraculous Troop (or How Streakwater Got His Name)

Chapter 3 The Trip to Westwick, A Brief History of the Miraculous Troop continued (or How Bravarrow Got His Name)

Chapter 4 The Trip to Westwick Continued (or A Stop in the Inn of Funswick)

Chapter 5 Meeting the Wise Old Owl Peterrod (or The Story of The Wizards)

Chapter 6 The Veil of Wisdom (or Through Faith to Full Truth)

Chapter 7 The Detour (or The Secret Passageway)

Chapter 8 The Wizards Lodge (or The Awesome Surroundings)

Chapter 9 The Magical Chair (or Dancavjon Learns to Read)

Chapter 10 The Secret of the Universe (or The First Great Insight)

Chapter 11 The Visit with the Nymph's (or The Beautiful Fairy Queen)

Chapter 12 The Arrival at The Witches of Westwick (or The Important Meeting)

Chapter 13 Preparation's to Meet with Choprak (or The Magical Glove)

Chapter 14 Meeting The Giant Ted (or The Brief Reunion with Choprak)

Chapter 15 The Eclipse (or The Departure of Dancavjon)

Book 2

Chapter 1

Peace in the Kingdom

(or The Beggar Becomes A Wizard)

The angelettes had flown throughout the Kingdom,
Spreading Unity, Love and Faith to all the inhabitants of the fiefdom...
The joy they circulated to one and all,
Created a peace that, to this day, few recall...

These little angelettes of light and glory,
Ensured friendship was the key and underlying story...
And the peace lasted for many a wonderful year,
Even King Allevyl's intentions were remarkably sincere...

The peace was maintained since even this once evil King,
Had been touched by the angelettes spiritual goodness they did bring...
So parents passed this kindness and friendship on from generation to generation,
The world regarded this Kingdom as a model and inspiration...

The good Knight Aaron, as he had promised, returned to the beggar to find,
The poor old man still decrepit, hunchbacked and very blind...
Sir Aaron took the 3rd wish and gave it to him,
Saying he deserved to have the opportunity to see and fully enjoy the peace and freedom...

The beggar insisted to Sir Aaron not to waist this gift,
On a man so close to death, there was no need his spirits to uplift...
But, Sir Aaron, told that beggar whose wisdom had saved the land,
"Good, Sir, you deserve the chance to see the friendship that you fanned..."

Also, Sir Aaron, conveyed a lullaby that he was taught as a baby,
Explaining to the beggar that his mother insisted it was spoken by the True God, maybe?...
"I've lived my life with this lullaby close to my heart,"
"And therefore Our Kingdom deserves to give you a new start..."

"This is your life, your chance,"
"Do something good for the Kingdom to advance..."
"Love everything and everyone,"
"Be a peaceful person..."

The story further goes on that the 2 instant friends maintained a relationship so enduring,
Sir Aaron took care of the beggar for years, his care so reassuring...
He recommended the beggar receive a title and a position; King Randolph accepted most excitedly,
King Randolph proclaimed him the Chief Wizard and Seer to the Kingdom of Fairr-Lea...

The title that this beggar became known as from that day forth,
Was Dancavjon, the Good Wizard of Wisdom, Friendship and Truth...
Dancavjon, a most humble man and eventually master wizard,
Would learn his skill through hard study and many a near hazard...

- 9/13/1995 (BOOK2.DOC)

DanCavJon Visits Choprak's Lodge in the Enchanted Forest...

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