A Celebration
Kay C. Erb's and Rodney K. Erb's 35th Wedding Anniversary!

 "Thirty Five Years On My Mind" is a poem honoring the commitment Kay C. Erb and Rodney K. Erb made to each other on June 24th, 1972. In the spirit of this momentous occasion, we invite you to a little celebration of this milestone event!

 So here for Kay and Rod and all their family, friends and relatives is an opportunity to share this landmark event!

 And OHHH!

Congratulations Kay and Rod on your 35 Years Together in Marital Bliss!

"Thirty Five Years On My Mind, The Celebration of Betrothal...

Remember that day 35 years ago,

spacespacespacewhen we began our married life...

Our entwined journey would become

spacespacespaceso amazing as husband and wife.

Developing 3 spiritual beings with challenges

spacespacespacethrough the passing days...

Life with you has been priceless

spacespacespaceand wonderful all ways.

Our 35th anniversary today is so special

spacespacespaceand a reminder to you...

Very blessed happiness like ours

spacespacespaceis given to just an elite few.

Each little thing you did

spacespacespaceproves you are the very best...

So many things confirm you are my

spacespacespaceprecious gift better than all the rest.

Keep my faith, hope and charity strong,

spacespacespaceyou are always so kind...

A union whole, perfect, strong, powerful,

spacespacespaceloving, harmonious and never blind...

You are and will All Ways

spacespacespaceand Always be on my mind.

Love Rod  6/24/2007

Willie Nelson's Lyrics to "Always On My Mind" for Kay C.
Enjoy the song to Always On My Mind...

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