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Graduation Remembrance...


Remember the joy that today brings you and celebrate,

A memory before to which you looked forward,

The hard work now behind; you must feel great!

And be happy Graduation is YOUR reward...

Remember the process to achieve the success of today,

It took a Mother who kept your heart always looking upward,

She was there and loved you through it all in every way,

And be grateful Graduation is HER reward...

Remember the moments of counsel and Fatherly advice,

From a Dad who taught you to look to your soul inward,

To find the extra strength to go on and when to sacrifice,

And be proud Graduation is HIS reward...

Remember the team that supports and sticks by you,

Brothers that shared an encouraging word,

Your family; the foundation upon whose wings you flew,

And always be aware Graduation is THEIR reward...

Remember the source of that diploma that you are given,

Is a symbol not just an award,

Turn your thoughts at that moment to heaven,

And be thankful Graduation is GOD'S reward...

Congratulations Margo Bader with Love,

The Erb's, Rod, K.C., Rhonda, Rod Jr. and Joseph

butterfly anim

P.S. "The PAST is history, the FUTURE a mystery, this MOMENT a gift..."