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The Vegetarian Lifestyle Way

Permanent Weight Loss For Fat Or Obese People - Eat Vegan For Effective Healthy Weight Control

Are you ready for a lifestyle change that will not only make you lose weight but make you become the healthiest you've been the rest of your life?

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You've been dieting for years and years! Do you want to DIE or LIVE? Dieting is die-ing. Eating live food is living. Live food is not dead animal or animal products. It is vegetables, fruits, nuts and the products produced with them.

The more you turn on the news, the more you will hear about our horrible food supply and why it is killing us. A new movie, better than Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me" was just released to tell you why it's not your fault you are fat and overweight. "Food, Inc." (see trailer below) tells us the Agri-business in America has taken us for a ride. An expensive death defying ride! What do you do? How do you stop the roller coaster ups and downs of gaining and losing weight?

We've all been on it and it's not a pretty picture. In this and many articles to follow, I will teach you how to lose weight and the right way. I'm going to be honest, frank and straightforward. If you are reading this article you likely are at minimum 10 pounds overweight and statistically between 20 and 50 pounds overweight. Don't rationalize and say no, I'm not fat. No, I'm not obese. You are. Accept that and you are on the path to success. So what do you do?

You need to do the following and the sooner the better:

  • Learn what a vegetarian lifestyle is. End the Standard American Diet (SAD)

  • Understand the health benefits of being a true vegetarian

  • Your cholesterol will drop, your vim, vigor and stamina rise as a vegan

  • Know that recipes for a vegan are endless, delicious and most importantly, healthy

  • Act to become vegetarian, and within weeks, the pounds will fly off easily and naturally

I know you have questions about being a vegetarian and learning this life saving lifestyle. The most frequently asked are:
  1. Will I be missing vitamins and minerals? No, in fact you will get more than you have ever gotten before. The reason you will feel so good so soon is because you are getting more nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in their natural form than you have ever gotten. Your precious body will reward you with vibrant health.

  2. What exactly do I eat? Any and all the vegetables and fruits you can. You can never overdose on these health promoting foods. You are not limited to fixed quantity. This is an amazing lifestyle.

  3. Will I get tired of salads?
  4. Never. The salads and variety of mixtures are only as good as your own imagination.

  5. Do I become a "vegan" overnight or gradually? It's up to you to decide. Personality will play a key role. Make a plan and identify how you will transition. You will be grateful you did!

  6. How do I get enough protein as a vegetarian? Would you believe some legumes such as beans have more protein than eggs and without the fat!

  7. What about my family and vegetarian diets for children and young adults? Your children are your most precious gift. You want to teach them how to eat right and when you are convinced it's right, you will teach them as well.

  8. Why is the SAD food I am eating killing me? What is in it that is so bad? There are many books out there about why the SAD is killing us. The additives and supplements in them are actually more harmful than helpful. Believe what the agri-business tells you and you now understand why you are in the condition you are in!

Being Vegetarian promises that you won't be overweight for long and more importantly you will be healthy, energetic and able to enjoy life the rest of your life.

Also, I have a sense of humor about being vegan and wear a t-shirt that says to my friends who all question my vegan lifestyle...

Vegetarian: Indian Word for Lousy Hunter.

I am very proud of the fact that I am a lousy hunter!

"Here is How to Get Started!"

Forget about all the food experts and especially the false information by those that claim they know what you should do to lose weight. All the diets that are out there don't work and are just that "D-I-E ts" that will kill you. I have nearly 60 years experience in health and fitness and have tried them all. What you need is a lifestyle change. That lifestyle change is to become a Vegetarian.

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You must read this book as soon as possible. It will save your life!

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health

Another must read that proves why you must become a Vegetarian. The world's healthiest and longest-lived people are all Vegetarians:

Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples

Two fun reads that will help you launch your lifetime campaign to become a Vegetarian. They will help you quickly with your campaign to become join the ranks of the Vegetarians:


I've written several articles on the subject of being Vegetarian. Please visit and review them at Ezine@rticles - Expert Author Rodney K. Erb

Becoming a vegetarian is going to be met with a lot of people who will be negative. You must go to forums and blogs for support or you can email me at

Good Luck!

Here is my final plea to please come over to the Vegetarian side:

Rodney K Erb, Basic Author

Brandon Brazier is a professional triathlete who is also a pure vegan Click Here to Visit Brandon Brazier's Web Site.

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