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Welcome to Birthday Page...

Happy Birthday Marilyn, Wife to Jeff & Mother to Ino & Pulu...


spaceMarilyn today is your Birthday and on this date in history...

spacespaceA newly established USSR, also known as the Soviet Union, replaced the Russian Empire in 1922

spacespacespaceRailroad construction of the Southern Transcontental motivated the treaty on this date for the Southern U.S. border with Mexico in 1853

spacespacespacespaceInfluencer over the Russian Czar royal family, Rasputin, a Siberian-born muzhik, was murdered in 1916

spacespacespacespacespaceLed Zeppelin filmed live for the first time on December 30th 1968 and would become the biggest band in the world

spacespacespacespacespacespaceYou have the same birth date as Tiger Woods and LeBron James and do I dare mention Sean Hannity and Mike Pompeo

spacespacespacespacespacespacespaceNational Bicarbonate of Soda Day, "Falling Needles Family Fest Day" and "Bacon Day" are celebrated on this date! ...

spaceGregorian calendar indicates there is one day remaining until the end of the year. New Years Eve!

spacespaceO n this date in 1066, the Granada Massacre took place when a Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada

spacespacespaceWar of 1812: British soldiers burn Buffalo, New York on this date in 1813

spacespacespacespaceEnd of heavy bombing in Vietnam on this date in 1972

spacespacespacespacespaceRudyard Kipling, English author, poet, Nobel Prize laureate was born on this date in 1865

spaceHappy Birthday to Titus (Roman emperor who conquered Jerusalem), Bo Diddley (Musician - "I'm a Man"), Sandy Koufax (MLB pitcher), Davy Jones (Singer - "I'm a Believer")

spacespaceA nysia of Salonika, a Christian virgin and martyr of the 4th century celebrates her "Feast" day today ...

spacespacespacePerformance of the last coronation in Hungary of King Charles IV and Queen Zita in 1916

spacespacespacespacePresident of Iraq Saddam Hussein is executed in 2006

spacespacespacespacespaceYvonne Brill, "Canadian-American propulsion engineer" born in 1924

spaceBattle of Wakefield takes place during The Wars of the Roses in 1460

spacespaceI n 1825 - The Treaty of St. Louis between the United States and Shawnee Nation is proclaimed.

spacespacespaceRobert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Edward Adrian Wilson reached the farthest southern point in Antarctica exploration in 1901

spacespacespacespaceTahiti becomes a French colony as part of French Oceania in 1880

spacespacespacespacespaceHundred and four was how old Luise Rainer (January 12, 1910 – December 30, 2014) two-time Academy Award-winning German-born Austrian-American movie actress was at the time of her death in 2014

spacespacespacespacespacespaceDame Tracey Ullman, DBE (Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire), a British-American comedian, actress, singer, dancer, screenwriter and author famous for The Tracey Ullman Show is born on this date in 1959

spacespacespacespacespacespacespaceA nightclub fire in Buenos Aires on this date kills 194 people in 2004

spacespacespacespacespacespacespacespaceYou are the unique Marilyn that conquered Kentucky, mastered the Army and learned to Love Virginia ...

Congratulations you are AWESOME !!!!!!

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