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Welcome to 65th Birthday Page...

Happy Birthday Kevin Senior; Husband, Father & Hero ...


spaceToday you are 65 years young and on this date in history...

spacespaceScientist, physicist and chemist Marie (Madame) Curie was born in 1867

spacespacespaceIN CASE OF YOU on Album BLUE is a song by Joni Mitchell who was born on this date in 1943

spacespacespacespaceSIXTH ECUMENTICAL COUNCIL of the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches met on this date in 681

spacespacespacespacespaceTHE NEW REPUBLIC political magazine was Founded on this date in 1914

spacespacespacespacespacespaceYou are 19 years younger than Al Attles of the Golden State Warriors, known as the "Destroyer", born in 1936

spaceFuture Russian revolutionary, political theorist and politician Leon Trotsky was born in 1879

spacespaceIt's the birthday of the Algerian-born French author Albert Camus author of The Stranger. He was born in 1913

spacespacespaceVersatile MSNBC television anchor, actor, political commentator Lawrence O'Donnell Jr. was born on this date in 1951

spacespacespacespaceElephant characterization of the Republican Party by cartoonist Thomas Nast was created on this date in 1874


spacespaceO n this date Joseph R. Biden Junior won Pennsylvania and was elected the 46th President of the United States in 2020

spacespacespaceBIG YELLOW TAXI on her Album LADIES OF THE CANYON is a song by Joni Mitchell who was born on this date in 1943

Congratulations you have lived on the planet for 6.5 decades!

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